Equine Center Saddle Club

Saddle Club

This new program is intended for passionate equestrians that have previously attended a North Country Equine Center program. We are looking for club members who are serious about expanding their equine education both in and out of the saddle in a team centered environment.

Registration includes club activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30. One day will be focused on riding instruction and the other will be focused on horsemanship. Senior club members will get the opportunity to mentor the newer equestrians as they expand their knowledge base. Junior members will get immersed in horsemanship both from our experienced instructors and the senior club members.

Levels: Grasshopper-Intermediate

September 13th – October 20th
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 – 5:30

Price: $540
Ages: 8+

If you are interested in financial assistance, please email us.


Safety is our number one priority at the North Country Equine Center and we group riders according to their age and ability level. Our goal is to ensure that riders have fun, build confidence and a strong foundation in and out of the saddle. We have designed a Rider Ability Guide to help you determine the appropriate group level for you or your child.

*Please note that matching the rider according to the level on the Rider Ability Guide is required for safe participation and teaching dynamics. If registered under an inappropriate level, we cannot guarantee program placement or a refund. If your rider is new to our riding program, they must begin as a Yearling or Grasshopper.  If you have any questions about identifying the best level for you or your child, please email us at riding@ncal.com

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due two weeks prior to the start date of selected program. A $50 processing fee will be retained if you cancel your reservation and do so two weeks prior to the start date of the program, as long as the spot is able to be filled from the waitlist. There will be no refunds for reservations canceled within two weeks of the first day of lessons, except at the discretion of a program manager. If NCAL needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will be offered. Partial refunds are not given if you must miss a scheduled lesson.

North Country Animal League Central Vermont

Saddle Clubs

Equine Center Saddle Club

For saddle clubbers fitting the description of Grasshopper or Kimberwicks.

Equine Center Saddle Club

For saddle clubbers fitting the description of Novice or Intermediate.


Rider Ability Guide

To understand which group is appropriate for you or your child please refer to the following chart. If you or your child seem to be falling in between program levels it’s best to choose the lower level.

Level Program Description of Level
1 Yearling Riders ages 5-7 years old
2 Grasshopper New riders, ages 8+, working on foundational skills at the walk and trot
3 Kimberwicks Must be able to groom independently; walk/trot independently while demonstrating solid fundamental skills and control; learning how to canter
4 Novice Must be able to tack up independently; walk/trot/canter independently while demonstrating solid fundamental skills and control; comfortable trotting without stirrups; learning how to jump*
5 Intermediate Rider has passed all Novice level skills with NCAL Instructor approval! Able to identify canter leads while jumping; starting to ride full jump courses; has an understanding of fundamental lateral work*

*Students are responsible for arriving 30 minutes prior to lesson start time to independently groom & tack their assigned mount.