Originally named Lester, this good boy was adopted in August. He has since been renamed Tater by his human mom, who was happy to share this update with us recently:

“When we first brought Tater home he was a little unsure of what he could do, where he should go, etc. Bit by bit he came out of his shell – started playing, learning he was welcome to go wherever he wanted in the house and knowing he’d always be fed, walked and get lots of love and attention. In the last few months he has even decided to get up on the couch on his own (he’s always been allowed, but he’d usually wait for us to invite him). He LOVES blankets and pillows – the more the better. He also enjoys his walks in the woods on the trails and when it’s not too cold sniffing things in the snow. His absolute favorite thing is car rides, he just loves riding in the car. He also loves the toddler who lives next door, they have such a special bond. Tater is and has been such a wonderful addition to our family and even though it took some time you can tell he knows he’s got his forever home and feels safe and secure.”

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