Racing for Everyone

As we navigate through these difficult times together we are challenged to take a deeper look into our behaviors and decisions. We realize the importance of diversity as a core value to our strength as an organization. Conversations about inclusion are a beginning, but Catamount has taken the next crucial step in action.

Going forward, you will see a change in our race results reporting. As always, our results will be sorted by distance and age, but we will no longer be separating results based on gender.

We are proud to take this step forward as we follow our mission to create outdoor experiences at the Catamount Community Forest that build active lifestyles, friendships and environmental awareness. Inclusion for all is built into our mission and we thank you for your support as we embrace this change and take this huge step together.

Catamount Cyclocross Racing



New to Cyclocross? Learn how it works and how to participate, or jump straight to the link and start your registration.

If you have never tried Cyclocross but always wanted to give it a shot, this could be your year! Catamount always has the best atmosphere for those who are just getting introduced to the sport. Hungry for competition? Not to worry, there are always some of the best athletes to compete against if that is the crowd you’re looking for. Either way the atmosphere is always welcoming and family-friendly oriented. It all depends on what your goals are, and what you expect from yourself.

What is Cyclocross?

For those new to the sport you may be asking ‘What is Cyclocross?’ Well, Cyclocross isn’t mountain biking or road racing, although there are some common aspects. You’re on and off the bike, stepping over natural or artificial barriers, quick entry and exiting of corners, hard surfaces transitioning to soft, negotiating tricky off-camber sections, all of this is what the course will emphasize. Don’t let this intimidate you though, the course is designed to be tricky here and there but 90% of it is rideable and is always held on the Goose Hill side of our trail network, so you can be sure you won’t end up getting lost on any single tracks. The length of the course is 2.5-3.5 km and is designed for the skinny-tired cyclocross bike, not a full-suspension mountain bike (a regular mountain bike is tolerable, just expect more friction). Usually, our course is timed by officials but this year COVID is giving us a new opportunity and a new perspective.


This year, every rider will record their own time, race the selected number of laps (3, 6, or 9), and (after registration) you will receive a link to submit your times. Racer’s will have from Sunday to Thursday night to complete their race and submit their times. Results will be posted on Friday. Again, all racers will complete either 3, 6, or 9 laps and be responsible for recording and submitting their times by the end of Thursday, for that week of racing. This year we will still have 6 weeks of racing. This setup is paralleling the structure of our Socially Distant MTB & Running Race Series.



2020 DATES

Week 1: September 13th – 17th
Week 2: September 20th – 24th
Week 3: September 27th – October 1st
Week 4: October 4th – 8th
Week 5: October 11th – 15th
Week 6: October 18th – 22nd



Note: You can only purchase the entire 6 week series in order to participate (and it’s only $50!). Make your purchase as soon as registration opens! You will receive the link the official registration link after you have made your purchase. We are super excited we are still able to offer Cyclocross again and we hope we encourage many new folk to see what CX is all about!

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