Racing for Everyone

As we navigate through these difficult times together we are challenged to take a deeper look into our behaviors and decisions. We realize the importance of diversity as a core value to our strength as an organization. Conversations about inclusion are a beginning, but Catamount has taken the next crucial step in action.

Going forward, you will see a change in our race results reporting. As always, our results will be sorted by distance and age, but we will no longer be separating results based on gender.

We are proud to take this step forward as we follow our mission to create outdoor experiences at the Catamount Community Forest that build active lifestyles, friendships and environmental awareness. Inclusion for all is built into our mission and we thank you for your support as we embrace this change and take this huge step together.

Catamount Weekly Race Series



Weekly Races in 2020

Given the ever changing environment we are confronted with, our races are taking on a different format this year. Our goal is to offer a unique experience that encourages participation in a season long series where individuals can challenge themselves while being part of friendly competition.

Just as in previous years we will offer both a trail running series and a mountain bike series. You can sign or for 1 or both series! Awards at the end of the season are based on participation…the more races you do the better. Please note, this year there will not be a ‘single race’ entry option. In an effort to discourage travel from other areas we are only selling the series option at this point. We will continue to follow the guidelines put out by the CDC and the VT Dept of Health as the season continues.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Purchase the Race Series Here
  • You will be emailed the Registration Form and Race Result Submission link
  • Each week we will announce the course Sunday afternoon.
  • You choose when to complete the course
  • Enter your results on the ‘Submission’ link by 9pm on Thursday
  • We will post results!
  • The race series will run for 16 weeks-first official week June 8.

As a racer, you can choose the timing app that works best for you! Some of the more popular ones include: Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo, GoogleFit and MapMyFitness.

The Race Courses

Black Arrows on White (GooseHill Side) – the start is at the bottom of the hill and the finish is up near the top.
Red Arrows on Black – the start is in the middle of venue going towards the corner parking lot (where the gate is)
Yellow Arrows on Green – the start is in the middle of the venue by the fireplace and going into the Night Trails

The race course each week will be announced Sunday night on our website and Facebook page. You may also check ‘The Hub’ in the parking lot where a sign of the course arrow is posted by the window. Runners can choose between a 2.5k , 5k , or a 10k (10k runners will have to do two laps) for the season. Bikers can choose between a 2.5k and 1 to 4 laps. * Distances are approximate and vary on each course, year to year.

Current Race Course

Yellow on Green ( 9/13 – 17)


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2020 DATES


Series Team Competition Rules

The Catamount Weekly Night Race Team Competition is meant to be a fun way for weekly racers to compete against each other in a team atmosphere. Results are based strictly on participation and the number of members who race each week.

With that in mind, here are the basic rules:

  • Each team will consist of up to 25 members. If your group is larger than 25, you can form multiple teams.
  • Team members can race as many times as they want throughout the season. They will only score for the team the weeks they actually race and finish.
  • Scoring will simply be one point for each member who finishes per week. Results and team standings will be calculated weekly.
  • At the end of the season the winning team will be announced at the Pot Luck Awards Ceremony.
  • The winning team will have its name engraved on a plaque which will be displayed on the Catamount Hub.
  • Individual team members will not receive prizes for the team competition, but are still eligible for season ending awards based on participation.
  • Each team should designate one person to act as a POC for any questions about the team. Please provide the email address of the team POC.

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