How long has Way2Work been in business?

Way2Work was established in 2003—although Champlain Community Services has been in business since the late 60’s. Prior to the inception of Way2Work we provided job skill training to individuals with disabilities.

How is Way2Work different from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Triad, Kelley Services, Adecco and other employment Services?

Our “niche” is working with job seekers who are interested in part time work at entry level jobs. We are also able to provide on-going job supports and follow up services for the employee and the employer, which is not common in other employment providers.

Does Way2Work or my company employ the job seeker?

Your company is the employer and is responsible for the individuals you hire in the same way as any non-disabled employee.

What are the safety and liability issues for hiring a person with a disability?

This is far less of a concern than non-disabled employees because of the planning and preparation by Way2Work to make an appropriate job match. This is not something that is usually a focus for non-disabled applicants/employees.

With whom do I speak with if there is a question or concern about the employee or his/her job performance?

The first place to start is with your employee. If the issue cannot be resolved or if you are unsure of how to approach the employee, you should speak with the contact person at Way2Work.

If we hire someone with a disability and they don’t work out, can I fire them?

An employee with a disability can be fired with just cause just like any non-disabled employee. This is typically not an issue when the right job match is made. We provide on going support services at any time for the employee and the employer. If it is necessary to terminate an employee, Way2Work provides support.

How does an employee with a disability fit into the work culture?

Employees with disabilities interact very well with non-disabled co-workers, supervisors, etc… the key to success is helping co-workers, and supervisors become knowledgeable about disabilities and dispel any fears or misinformation that often creates barriers to good communication and relationships. Again, employers note increase in morale for all employees.

What are the benefits of hiring an individual with a disability?

Disability friendly companies report increase morale of all employees, better attendance, dedication and retention from employees with disabilities and increase profits through an expanded customer base (particularly from people with disabilities).