What We Do


The individuals we support – and their families – enjoy an incredible support system within CCS.

We connect with one another, share successes, and support one another in times of need.

CCS engages resources and builds relationships within our community to provide opportunities and support for the individuals we serve as they seek happy fulfilled lives.

Our work is enhanced through thoughtful service coordination as we offer on-to-one employment, home and shared living, community, school-to-career transition, and self-advocacy supports within our community.

Primary Services


The mission of the Way2Work Program at CCS is to assist people with developmental disabilities find paid employment that is meaningful to them, valuable to their employer, and inclusive in the community.


School2Work is a unique and collaborative career development initiative that prepares Chittenden County high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities for successful transitions to – and employment in – the competitive workplace.

Bridging Program

The Bridging Program helps students negotiate the transition from high school to adulthood, in partnership with Burlington, Colchester, Mt. Mansfield Union, South Burlington, and Winooski High Schools.

Champlain Voices

The CCS self-advocacy group, Champlain Voices, meets every Monday afternoon to plan social events, problem solve disability related challenges, mentor high school students, and connect with their peers.

Support Services

Home and Shared Living Supports

CCS offers home and shared living supports ranging from strengthening family-based living options, to offering a few scheduled hours per week in a consumer’s home helping them develop life skills (such as cooking, housekeeping, and personal finance) to 24/7 contracted support in a shared living provider’s home.

We customize services to meet each consumer’s unique needs.

CCS supports focus on:

  • Ensuring the consumer’s health and safety;
  • Maximizing independence;
  • Addressing individual preferences and needs;
  • Creating a supportive and inclusive home environment;
  • Enhancing quality of life.

For information about receiving home supports, or becoming a shared living provider, contact Brent Hewey, Program Director. 802-655-0511 x119

Community Supports

CCS offers supports that enhance our consumers’ access to activities in the local community, promote independence, and enable participation in a broad range of experiences.

Our consumers:

  • Develop independent living skills;
  • Establish and enhance friendships;
  • Volunteer in the community;
  • Pursue recreation and leisure activities;
  • Get healthy through exercise and fitness programs
  • . . . and more!

Service Coordination

The consumers we serve receive individualized supports from a dedicated group of Community Inclusion Facilitators (CIF). CCS’ team of service coordinators take responsibility for managing the entire array of services each consumer receives.

Our approach emphasizes:

  • Clear and concise communication;
  • Developing a team approach;
  • Establishing healthy and effective working relationships with consumer’s and their families;
  • Ensuring a client’s health and safety needs are met.

Working together, staff, consumer, and family develop an annual Individualized Service Agreements that reflect each consumer’s goals for the year and serves as the guide that drives schedule and services.