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Our Mission & Vision

“We partner with coffee-farming communities to cultivate a food-secure future.”

More than 820 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat, many of them in rural areas.

Overreliance on commodity crops, like coffee, has left millions of families around the world struggling to put food on the table, year after year. At the same time, a flood of cheap, nutrient-deficient, calorie-rich food has created local food deserts, leaving many farming families more malnourished than ever. We believe that every family should have enough nutritious food every day.

Food 4 Farmers works with coffee farmers to disrupt the global food system. We partner with families and farmers’ organizations to create thriving food hubs, diversify income, and implement sustainable farming practices that promote biodiversity and ecosystem resiliency throughout Latin America.

We don’t deliver a simplistic, one-size-fits-all model. We help communities develop community appropriate solutions and strategies, and support them in managing and measuring their progress.

Our Core Values

  • Share to Scale We advocate for all farming families and communities. We aim to scale by sharing what we learn and the tools we develop with other communities and organizations.
  • Learning Organization Our programs evolve as we partner with communities to co-design, implement, evaluate, and refine our work. We are committed to asking good questions and working with our partners to grow from our shared experience.
  • Compulsive About Collaboration  No single person or organization can solve the complex problems faced by coffee-farming communities. That’s why we work with local partners who understand the challenges rural farming families face. We connect communities with the resources they need to follow their own path to success.
  • Champions for Local Solutions  We work FOR our community partners and their success. Our programs and strategies originate in the communities themselves, and can be sustained locally over time.

Our programs have an impact far beyond food security. Less imported food aid and products means less transport, lower energy use and positive climate change impact. We believe all communities can benefit from stronger local food systems that result in a more stable supply of healthy food and reduce less dependence on volatile markets. The coffee cooperatives and community-based organizations we work with are effective partners that have the capacity to organize and educate farmers and families to take action.

Learn about food scarcity in the coffeelands and what we do.

Food Scarcity

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