Have you seen articles about wearing a safety pin? Have you been wearing one? Do you want to wear one? In the wake of the national election physical and verbal assaults towards Muslims, queer folks, and people of color have increased. Many of us want to be prepared to respond and interrupt an incident if it happens around us. Come to a 2 hour interactive workshop to create a plan, practice nonviolent intervention skills, and increase your confidence in being a safe person.

We are delighted that Diana (pronounced De-ahana) Gonzalez has offered to bring this program to our space free of charge for all interested. Diana is an educator with over 15 years experience in experiential education for social change. Participants are encouraged to arrive at 1:30 p.m. for tea and mingling, the program will begin at 2:00 p.m. Space is limited to 20 people so please sign-up here (or call us at 863-2345 x6) as soon as you know you are able to and want to attend.

UPDATE: Thank you to the 30 plus people who have signed up! We are so excited to say that we reached capacity in under 12 hours! We are working hard to see if we can move the location to accommodate more participants. We will definitely send out registration confirmations soon and keep people updated as we find out more about a possible venue change and so on. We appreciate your patience as we work to coordinate logistics to support the most people accessing this program. As a little reminder the Peace & Justice Center has a very small staff and we are nearly all part-time. If you are wanting to attend but have not yet officially signed-up please do so now so that you are on the waiting list at the very least.