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Peace Program – Peace & Justice Center

Peace Program

Peace Program

The Peace Programs seek to address the problems with our country’s current militaristic approach to conflict, provide meaningful tools to nonviolently engage in conflict and oppression, and share about the power of nonviolence.

  • Educational work including workshops, discussion groups, films, and other presentations. We offer these to the public around the state and we also partner with different groups who contract us to work with them. This has included schools, colleges, faith-based institutions, and businesses. Nonviolence 101, Nonviolent Conflict Engagement, Children in Civil Rights Movement, and Mindfulness for Activists. See the full list of workshops in the Educational Program Catalog.
  • Collaborating with and supporting other local efforts to expose and dismantle the military industrial complex while building alternatives to violence including membership in the Vermont Stands for a World Beyond War Coalition.
  • Events around drone surveillance and weaponization domestically and abroad.
  • Annual anti-war events and actions including Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days, Veterans Day, !Presente¬° School of the Americas protest, Tax Day, and Border of Lights.

Video Lectures

Video lectures and clips focused on peace education and recruiting.

As part of our Peace program, the Peace & Justice Center does counter-military recruitment and also recruits for peace.

We work with young people to encourage them to pursue educational and work opportunities outside of the military. We believe that a peaceful world is possible, and we recognize the need to educate ourselves and our communities about peaceful communication and action.

As recruiters for peace, we hope to share our beliefs with young people and help them find a path toward success and fulfillment without relying on the military. We do this work through direct engagement with youth in schools, and we offer training and resources to community members who want to recruit for peace. If you would like to learn more about our recruiting for peace efforts or get involved, contact program@pjcvt.org.