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Bernie: We Shall Overcome CD – Peace & Justice Center

Bernie: We Shall Overcome CD

Bernie: We Shall Overcome CD


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Bernie Sanders and Thirty Vermont Artists — WE SHALL OVERCOME
Recorded November 1987 in Burlington, Vermont

Bring together a charismatic activist/politician and a boatload of musical talent, and you have a formula for something special. That’s exactly what happened in 1987 when music producer Todd Lockwood invited Burlington mayor Bernie Sanders to record his favorite songs. This album is both a tribute to these iconic American songs and an affirmation of the values expressed in them.

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Album Notes

The idea for this album came to me over a cup of coffee at a Burlington café. The morning regulars thought I was out of my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more intriguing the idea seemed. Our mayor, Bernie Sanders, had established himself as a no-nonsense problem solver and someone who didn’t mince words — but not the sort of person you would imagine making a record. This paradox appealed to me.

When I approached Bernie with the idea, he saw it as an opportunity to tell a larger story, a story about the inequities of life in America. Suddenly, the project was more than a novelty. It had purpose. Bernie chose the music: five protest songs from the fifties and early sixties. I hired arranger Don Sidney to update the songs with contemporary rhythms.

As word of the project spread among Vermont’s music community, artists lined up to volunteer their talents. By the time we began recording in November 1987, I had assembled a who’s who of the Vermont music scene: Nancy Beaven, Jon Gailmor, Dick McCormack, and Joanne “Little Joyce” Cooper, just to name a few. Thirty artists in all.

When we recorded the title song, We Shall Overcome, the scene was reminiscent of the Michael Jackson “We Are The World” session. A 21-voice chorus stood on risers in the studio. A five-piece rhythm section included some of the finest players in the area. And Bernie stood at the ready in the vocal booth with his text in hand.

Bernie is not a particularly musical person, but he more than made up for it with his delivery and sense of purpose. His presence in the studio electrified everyone, making this into a landmark Vermont recording.

— Todd R. Lockwood, October 2014

Oh Freedom 4:24
(Peter Seeger)
Figs D Music (BMI)
Vocal Solos: Nancy Beaven, Jon Gailmor, Danny Coane

The Banks of Marble 5:51
(Les Rice)
Stormking Music Inc. (BMI)
Vocal Solos: Jon Gailmor, Nancy Beaven, Pete R. Smith, Dick McCormack

Where Have All the Flowers Gone 5:48
(Peter Seeger)
Figs D Music (BMI)
Vocal Solo: Robert Sterzinger

This Land Is Your Land 3:06
(Woody Guthrie)
Ludlow Music Inc. (BMI)
Vocal Solos: Dick McCormack, Nancy Beaven, Jon Gailmor

We Shall Overcome 7:22
(Traditional, new words and music adaptation by Zilphia Horton,
Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan, Peter Seeger)
Ludlow Music, Inc. (BMI)

The Band
Piano: Andy Shapiro
Organ: Tom Berd
Electric Guitar: Don Sidney
Electric Bass: Mark Ransom
Drums: Jeff Salisbury

Background Vocals
Howard Mitchell, Ginny Peck, Emily Wadhams, David Weaver, Steve Rainville

The Chorus
Chris Bailey, Nancy Beaven, Marcia Brewster, Dexter Brown, Kathy Carbone, Danny Coane, Joanne “Little Joyce” Cooper, David Daignault, Frank Egan, Dana Lavigne, Tom Lyon, Howard Mitchell, Joe Moore, Rick Norcross, Michael Oakland, Debbie Patton, Ginny Peck, Pamela Polston, Emily Wadhams, David Weaver, KK Wilder

Narrative Written by Bernie Sanders

Musical Arrangements by Don Sidney

Harmony Vocal Arrangements by Douglas Jaffe

Engineered by Chuck Eller and Todd Lockwood

Produced by Todd Lockwood and Douglas Jaffe

Recorded at White Crow Audio, Burlington, Vermont, November 1987

Digital Mastering by Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering

Special thanks to the many Vermont artists who donated their time and talent to this project.

Dedicated to the men and women throughout the world who are involved in the struggle for peace and justice.

©2014 by Todd R. Lockwood Works – All Rights Reserved