End unnecessary incarceration of Vermonters.

Support ending unnecessary incarceration of Vermonters who are:

Held for lack of housing


Remove the requirement for DOC approval, and release Vermonters so they are not in prison beyond their eligible release date for lack of approved housing, which can sometimes be for months or even years.

Held for lack of bail


Eliminate monetary bail so we no longer discriminate against poor people.

Older and low-risk prisoners


Increase parole eligibility (“compassionate release”) for older inmates who haven’t yet reached their minimum sentence.

Jailed for a “technical violation”


Prohibit incarceration for non-criminal violations of conditions of release, and substitute incentives for punishments to achieve better outcomes.

Charged with or convicted of non-violent offenses


Make greater use of alternative responses to non-violent offenses such as job training programs, substance abuse treatment, and restorative justice, including reparative community work.

By ending unnecessary incarceration, we can begin to make Vermont a safer, more just and healthier state!

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