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ADG Mountain Coasters – Trudell Consulting & Engineering

ADG Mountain Coasters

ADG Mountain Coasters

TCE partners with Aquatic Development Group to provide designs for these mountain coasters. Typically constructed at ski areas with existing infrastructure, TCE first provides concept alignments with track lengths and basic vertical information.

Once the concept is approved by the client, TCE provides a complete three dimensional track design by “clicking together” the individual track pieces in 3D. Using this method, we are able to provide an accurate estimate of the number of track pieces needed and vertical data for each track piece. This 3D model also allows us to produce a video of the ride.

Individual ride characteristics will vary based on the available terrain, but slopes vary from 6-25%, the track can be up to 25 feet above the ground and can include switchbacks with banked turns and “360s” where the track turns 360 degrees and travels under itself with speeds up to 25 mph.

Concept Drawings, Renderings/ 3D Modeling, Material estimating