PinterestCan you stand another article about Pinterest? Yes, its shiny and new and another time diversion to ogle pretty pictures of neat stuff on any given topic.

Similar to how I used to spend eons glued to Twitter and Facebook (I’ve learned to limit myself in those arenas) (okay, now I’m lying,) I can easily while away otherwise productive, billable hours scrolling through acres of food, travel, design, and home interiors ‘porn’. And like Facebook, I can ‘like’ something, repin it, and comment on it if I want to.

Of course, from a marketing and PR perspective, Pinterest could be a yet another well to draw in qualified buyers of stuff – whether that “stuff” is on Etsy, a fancy cupcake cookbook, or a ski vacation. Check out VisiSavannah’s incredibly robust Pinterest boards – all 17 of them! Intelligently organized and all travel porn for folks considering a trip to Savannah, GA.

Beyond repinning like-able things onto our own boards, how can we get more mileage from Pinterest?

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap]Find out who’s pinning what from your website

Hat tip to Sheila Scarborough for showing us how to see what has been pinned from our own websites. Not only what, but who exactly pinned them. That’s easier and better than Google Analytics for single images! Its as easy as adding your website URL to Pinterest’s:

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap]Add a Pin This button to your website or blog

Invite your website visitors to pin up images from your website. If your website is built on WordPress CMS, there a great little plugin to make it easy to share images from your posts and pages: Slick Social Share Buttons. Choose Pinterest only, or activate all the usual suspects like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc. You can see how it can look on this very post, dropping down from the upper left corner. Other Pinterest button plugins include Social Discussions and the Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap]Add a Pinterest feed to your website or blog

Brian McDaniel developed a sweet WordPress plugin just for Pinterest feeds: a Pinterest RSS Widget. You can bring your latest pinned items right into your website via widgets or hard coding. You can even add them to posts and pages with a shortcode. At this writing there’s no way to draw from a specific Pinterest board. We’re hoping Pinterest will make that possible very soon. Below I’m showing my five latest pins. Sharp, right? Only downside is the feed will change within this post as I pin new items. I might consider posting an image gallery instead of the Pinterest RSS feed if I wanted them to be specific images.

  • SeriesPayDirtIG_Rele
  • wordpress checklist
  • enhanced-30280-14308
  • How to brine a turke
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[dropcap]4.[/dropcap]Plug SEO into your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Gifts menuYou can optimize the items you pin to Pinterest (but not repinned from someone else’s board) to drive traffic back your website. In addition to fleshing out your Pinterest profile with a keyworded description, every pinned image carries with it areas to add more keyworded copy, pin board titles, and add specific URLs.

Just make sure your descriptions and board titles don’t sound spammy or sales-pitchy. Even if they’re listed in the Gifts menu, which is awesome, by the way.

Another hat tip to Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff for posting this Pinterest SEO how-to video:

I’m just getting started with Pinterest and look forward to pinning and repinning the remarkable things I come across online. You can follow me at


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  1. Anna Palmer says:

    Will you help me?

  2. David Urmann says:

    We have thought about adding a pin this button but dont want to have to many buttons for our users. How many people would trade out facebook like or tweet with a pin this button?

    1. Lara Dickson says:

      I imagine people would pin AND like something for different reasons. I know you can Pin something and while pinning, you get the option to share the Pin in FB and Twitter, too.

  3. Thanks for the links and shout-out; it’s really taking off like mad, isn’t it?

    1. Lara Dickson says:

      It is, I can get lost on it for large chunks of time.