Burlington defends Twitter turf
By Lynn Monty [12.05.12]

Burlington’s twittersphere was abuzz Tuesday when its longtime #BTV hashtag was usurped by business news broadcasting giant Bloomberg Television. Territorial Burlingtonian outcries dominated the feed. One voice in the latest twitterstorm, Burlington’s Lara Dickson (@DeepDishCreates) called on those upset to act, tweeting “Simmer down now #btv Burlington & shower the hashtag with the usual traffic, weather, local foodporn. Kill em w Vermontyness.”

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BLURT, SevenDays Staff Blog

Burlington Crowns Social Media Royalty
By Tyler Machado [06.30.10]

A crowd of about 50 people turned up to the Bluebird Tavern’s new “speakeasy” room this evening to watch social media royalty get crowned, as determined by Burlington’s social media community — and Seven Days political columnist Shay Totten was a winner. According to event organizer Lara Dickson, a.k.a. @DeepDishCreates, over 400 people voted in the poll for their social media favorites.

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A social-media expert offers her recipe for a useful restaurant review
By Lara Dickson [05.05.10]

Have you ever gone online to read restaurant reviews before making a decision about where to go for dinner? Millions of others have, and for good reason. Folks tend to trust the opinions of their peers and like-minded consumers more than any advertising message.

If Ms. Jones found a particular resto a great choice for brunch, but not so much for business meetings, that’s good information for others looking for the same.

There’s a host of national restaurant-review websites that offer information on past experiences by patrons … And don’t forget local hubs like 7 Nights … It’s where natives go to find out what other ones think.

Before you begin wildly tapping into your smart phone or covertly whispering into a lavalier mic at the table, let’s go over what makes a truly useful restaurant review.

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By Zachary Cohen [01.04.10]

Twitter for Restaurants is a handly little eBook created by Lara Dickson, and which, full disclosure and all, I received for free. The price is $40. I am extremely happy to report that it is a fantastic and comprehensive primer for restaurateurs. I am strongly recommending the book to all of my clients, as well as any potential clients. This may seem odd as it would seem to conflict with my own goals to direct strategy on my clients behalf. If they can just buy this book and be done with it, why bother with a high-end consultant who is going to charge several thousand dollars?

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